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#Instance methods

Methods on instances allow you to control the tippy programmatically. See the Tippy Instance page for details on accessing an instance.


Programmatically show the tippy at any time:; // Default; // 0ms transition duration


Programmatically hide the tippy at any time:

instance.hide(); // Default
instance.hide(500); // 500ms transition duration


Temporarily prevent a tippy from showing or hiding:



Re-enable a tippy:



You can update any prop after the instance has been created. Pass an object of new props in:

  arrow: true,
  animation: 'scale',


Updating the content prop has its own method as a shortcut:

instance.setContent('New content');


To permanently destroy and clean up the instance, use this method:


The _tippy property is deleted from the reference element upon destruction.

#Static methods

Static methods belong to the tippy module for global behavior.


Set the default props for each new instance:

  // Props

// Access the current default props


Hide all visible tippies on the document:

import {hideAll} from 'tippy.js';

// Use each tippy's own duration
// Hide them all instantly
hideAll({duration: 0});
// Hide them all except a particular one
hideAll({exclude: tippyInstance});
hideAll({exclude: referenceElement});

In the CDN (iife) version, it's available as tippy.hideAll().