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Currently v6.3.0

Browser Support

All modern browsers are supported. Proxy mobile browsers like Opera Mini are not supported.


IE11 (and other older browsers) is supported with the following polyfills:

  • Promise
  • Object.assign
  • Array.prototype.find

If not already polyfilling these in your app, the following script tag using the service placed before Tippy's scripts will polyfill these.

<script src=",Promise,Object.assign"></script>

It won't add extra cost (besides a negligible bundle size and HTTP request) to browsers that already support those built-in APIs.

#SVG in IE11

If you need to support SVG elements in IE11, you will need to include a polyfill for SVGElement.prototype.contains.

The polyfill is small:

if (!SVGElement.prototype.contains) { SVGElement.prototype.contains = HTMLDivElement.prototype.contains; }

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