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Currently v6.3.0


#Instance methods

Methods on instances allow you to control the tippy programmatically. See the Tippy Instance page for details on accessing an instance.


Programmatically show the tippy at any time:;


Programmatically hide the tippy at any time:



Available from v6.2.0

Will hide the tippy only if the cursor is outside of the tippy's interactive region. This allows you to programmatically hook into interactive behavior upon a mouseleave event if implementing custom event listeners.

// Required: pass the mouse event object in from your event listener instance.hideWithInteractivity(mouseEvent);


Temporarily prevent a tippy from showing or hiding:



Re-enable a tippy:



You can update any prop after the instance has been created. Pass an object of new props in:

instance.setProps({ arrow: true, animation: 'scale', });


Updating the content prop has its own method as a shortcut:

instance.setContent('New content');


Unmount the tippy from the DOM:


This allows you to integrate spring animation libraries as an alternative to CSS. For instance, you'd call this in their onComplete() (or equivalent) callback.


Clears the instance's delay timeouts. There will likely be only very rare use cases for this.



To permanently destroy and clean up the instance, use this method:


The _tippy property is deleted from the reference element upon destruction.

#Static methods

Static methods belong to the tippy module for global behavior.


Set the default props for each new instance:

tippy.setDefaultProps({ // Props }); // Access the current default props tippy.defaultProps;


Hide all visible tippies on the document:

import {hideAll} from 'tippy.js'; // Use each tippy's own duration hideAll(); // Hide them all instantly hideAll({duration: 0}); // Hide them all except a particular one hideAll({exclude: tippyInstance}); hideAll({exclude: referenceElement});

In the CDN (umd) version, it's available as tippy.hideAll().

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